Since the release of Rasa Open Source 1.8.0, we can now use embedding of previously entered models such as Bert, but what’s the boom? In this blog, you will learn how to make an integration of rasa + Bert in Spanish and key concepts defined in the best way so you don’t get lost in the attempt.

All this knowledge was acquired in a project done at Holberton School with the mentoring of the Vozy company.

Let’s start as it should be at the beginning.

What is rasa?

Rasa is an open-source machine learning framework for creating artificial intelligence assistants and chatbots.


what is a library?

A certain type of file that we can import or include in our program is known as a library. These files contain the specifications of different functionalities already built and usable that we can add to our program, such as reading from the keyboard or showing something on the screen among many others.

Why use a library?

A library is a set of reusable functions.
In programming, it is a common practice to reuse resources and libraries are an essential part of it.

How do they work?

The process of going from .c source file to an executable (.exe) involves preprocessor, compiler, assembler, and linker. During the linking…

Let’s look at a specific case but let’s clarify concepts of what a terminal is and what a shell is since they are not the same thing.


Input and output environment in text


Command line interpreter.

ready then we know that the term refers to the environment where we are going to work and the shell is the one that understands the commands we type.

we will now focus on the ls command,
the command ls lists the files and the argument -l lists the files in long format, looks like this:

Along our way in programming, we will be working with libraries and I will help you understand them and see things like why to use them, how they work, and how they are created.

what is a static library?

Libraries are projects with specific methods or functions that you can add to other projects and complement them using their specific methods for a given solution.

Okay, so what does this mean in a nutshell?
Libraries are pieces of code made by third parties. This makes it much easier for us to program and makes our program easier to make and then understand.

A static library…

when we start a topic we have to try to know all its terms
let’s start with the root to understand that is compiled in gcc let’s start with c.

what is c?

C is a general-purpose programming language that offers a syntactic economy, simple flow control and structures, and a good set of operators. It is not a very high level of language and rather a small, simple language and is not specialized in any type of application. This makes it a powerful language, with an unlimited field of application and above all, it is quickly learned. …

Today we are with a concern that I know many of us have reached this point, which is what is the difference between the hard link and symbolic link.
let’s start by defining each one with a theoretical concept that we can draw from this information.

which is a symbolic link?

Symbolic link. In computing, a symbolic link, on Unix or GNU/Linux systems, indicates access to a directory or file that is in a different location within the directory structure.

then let’s feedback a symbolic link is simply what we do in windows when we create a shortcut, let’s see a brief example with this…

Shell: What happens when you type ls *.c

first of all, let’s start by remembering concepts that are forgotten overtime to get to the main problem.

¿what is shell?

shell is a command interpreter, this means that the commands we write will be received by are some examples of shell types
bash, emacs, Windows command prompt, and more.

Now, knowing that it’s a shell, let’s talk about a command that is used in Linux.

“Linux is an operating system like windows is known to be open source”.

¿what does the ls command?

the ls command is very useful, is a command that you will use in your day to day in Linux to see the…


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